Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Farm at LA Live Los Angeles

My wife and I went to The Farm to grab some lunch on a Saturday. The vibe of the place made me feel that we were eating in a nice northern California restaurant. I had a great salad and wish I knew the name. Might have been the house salad. It had spring mix, brie, caramelized pears, and caramelized red onions in red wine. Came with a shallot aioli.
The Salad was fresh and all of the ingredients works great together. The creaminess of the brie and sweetness of the caramelized pears and the flavor from the red onions made it a must get salad at The Farm at LA Live. If you want something that’s light and taste great, get this salad.

4 out of 5
Jason C Ricks

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