Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ottavia in Walnut Creek, CA

Very nice atmosphere, which seats 35-40-seat restaurant. The chef/owner worked with Mario Batali. I will come back.

The service was very good from the beginning to end. Their regular water had a hint of peaches, apples and oranges. I was drinking buckets of it. Then they brought over their bread, which was very fresh and baked in house. I started out with the house smokes boars prosciutto with a special with cream cheese and Berry compote. The cream cheese and berry compote was very good, but the wild boar didn't have much flavor, and a funny gamey taste to it. Then I had the special gnocchi with oxtail ragu with white truffle oil. I’ll give this dish two very good. Gnocchi cooked perfectly and the oxtail ragu very flavorful and savory. I had to try the Pan roasted duck with fig & pomegranate sauce. It was good and cooked well and had some very nice flavors working in this dish. I see this place getting better.

I’ll give it a 3 ½ out 5

Jason C Ricks

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