Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mozza Scruola di Pizza

This place is the best. It’s a room that’s connected to the Mozza 2 Go that only do special events. They have Pizza night where they show you how to make different kinds of pizza. Then they do a themed family style dinner nights on Friday and Saturday. It’s one big table that seats 24 people and they serve 6 courses and the seating goes quick. My and my family went on a Friday and needless to say we had a crazy amount of fun and good eats. Mind you the menu changes every month.

The 1st course was cole slaw, salt fish polenta, marinated peppers

2nd course: Fried Calamari, prawns, Red Mullet

3rd course: Risotto Porcini with sea urchin, Cuttlefish and Clams

4th: Duck Ragu with Polenta

5th: Sausage, veal tongue, chicken, brisket, mash potatoes, spinach

Everything was cooked perfectly and was food at it’s best. The service and atmosphere was top notch. You felt like you were at someone’s house having dinner. The chef would come out to before each course is served to explain what the course is and give you detailed information about the region of Italy from where the course comes from. It’s a must go to place when you’re in LA.
5 out of 5.

Jason C Ricks


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