Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Osteria Angelini Los Angeles

I’ve seen two features on the Food Network channel about their spinach lasagna. So I took my wife out to dinner and we walked in and it had a nice rustic atmosphere. I felt very comfortable and it was very inviting. Everyone has an Italian accent and they made you feel like you were eating at their house. They brought over a basket of bread, which had a nice variety. The flat bread was my favorite. Then I started with their caprese salad, which was very good. Then came to the table the famous Spinach Lasagna. Lets see if it lived to the hype…….. Oh Yes! By far the best lasagna I ever had hands down. It melted in your mouth. It tasted like Mother Mary made it. 100% amazing! I was still floating after finishing that plate of heaven. They brought over this meat of love. Roasted Pork belly with red cabbage & potatoes, Are you kidding me? This dish was beyond good. The pork belly was so tender and flavor pouring out of every bite. Cabbage and potatoes were cooked and seasoned to perfection.

This was definitely a 5 out 5 this night.

Jason C Ricks

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