Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Osteria Mozza Los Angeles

Walked into this restaurant and felt like I belong here from jump. Had the mozzarella bar right in the middle and the beautiful bar to the left. We were seated and from the start, the service was spot on. They brought out moos boosh, which was toasted bread with mozzarella and an olive topidad. It was very good. Then we had a bunch of items, which we all shared.

• Soft shell crab great but a little oily

• Garlic bread was excellent and buttery

• The Burata, bacon with caramelized onions on their Italian bread was insane.

• The Spot prawns were amazing. Cooked and seasoned perfectly

• The pasta with an oxtail ragu was good, but was not great. When I hear that combination, I was wanting greatness and it turned out to just be good.

• Ricotta and egg yolk ravioli with brown butter sauce was outstanding. The sweetness from the brown butter sauce and the creaminess that comes out when you push your fork through the ravioli and the yolk comes out and mixes with the brown butter sauce. Wow. All I can say is wow.

• The Hanger steak was great and as cooked perfectly. Would I get it again? Maybe.

• The Polenta was just ok. Thought it was lacking in flavor.

• The spinach was a little bitter for my taste

• Carbonara was excellent. Everything you love for a carbonara to be, this was it.

• Quail marinated in honey sauce a good call. It was sweet and peppery and cooked perfectly. The stuffing was stuffing on point also.

• Ok, ok, ok. The doughnut with vanilla and lemon pudding was a perfect ending to great night with my wife and friends. Sweet, but not too sweet. The acid of the lemon balanced the whole dish. Will have again.

5 out of 5

Jason Ricks

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