Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stefan’s LA Farm June 2010

Had to go to one of my favorite chefs on the TV show Top Chef. Love the feel of the restaurant and the staff is great. Stefan is moving all over the place and talking with guest and laughing it up. He really makes you feel like you’re at his house visiting. I had the following small plates.

Truffle Arancini & Lemon Aioli: Very Good and the flavor was one point.

Like a big mac: Is one of my favorites here. Might like it better than the actual Big mac.

Salted organic fingerlings: Was very boring.

Calicrufo: Was just ok. Wouldn’t order it again.

Sonoma Foie Gras: Was absolutely decadent and addicting.

Bud light tempura shrimp: Was very good and the sauce is great. Will always order this dish.

Alaskan crab and melted butter: Is as good as it gets.

Beef satay with peanut sauce: Did not make the cut.

Chicken pate: I’m not a pate guy. If you are, you'll love it. Sweet salty flavored with great toast.

Fried oyster: The oyster didn’t have much flavor, but the cole slaw was good though.

Kumamoto oyster with absinthe jello: I thought it was just ok, but very fresh.

Lentil soup and Duck: Was excellent. The soup was creamy and tasty. The duck was cook perfectly and had the entire flavor you want from your duck.

Pork chop on braised cabbage and mash potatoes: The chops and cabbage were great. Foods that will stick to your bones have you leave very happy. Have to say that was surprised that the mash potatoes were a little bland though.

King crab and prawn risotto: Could have been better if it didn’t have so much dill and pepper. It over powered the food.

Apple beignet with caramel ice cream: This was Outstanding. Will get this every time!

5 out of 5

Jason C Ricks

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