Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Modern Steak in Scottsdale,AZ

I started with the bacon bread and it was out of this world. You have to try it. I could have a mattress made of this bread and sleep like a baby. Then we all shared this huge Kobe hot dog and it was great. Tender, flavorful and had a wonderful texture. Then I finished up with the Kobe rib eye steak. Are you kidding me? The best piece of meat I ever had. Where do I start? You can eat the steak with a spoon. It was so flavorful that you want to just put a stick in it and suck on it lick a lollipop all day. It was cooked perfectly and I will have it again when I get back to Scottsdale.

4 out 5.

Jason C Ricks

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