Tuesday, February 22, 2011

II Mulino

II Munilo

You walk into this small intimate place that might seat 30 people. This place has such a welcoming feeling. The waiter are wearing tux and always waiting to serve you. Start u off with all kinds of bread, garlic bread, fried thin zucchini. I could have gone back to my hotel happy after that. Then we shared the following pastas. Flat pasta with sausage & tomato sauce was great. The flavor was spot on and I have to say that all of the homemade pasta was impeccable. Spaghetti in vodka sauce and lobster chunks was very good and the lobster was cooked perfectly. The Lagos e Fieno alla Papalina (cream, prosciutto, mushrooms and peas was hands down incredible. Everything was perfect from the presentation to the smell to the flavor. I had dreams about that dish. Over all, II Munilo has become my favorite restaurant in NY and on my top 10 over-all places to eat.

5 out of 5

Jason C Ricks

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